Ditching Corporate: What it means and where it will take us

I wanted to start out with something a little cathartic and inspiring. My life is by no means a great example of “how to live” or “what to do”- but I have found that when I truly want to do something, I do it. Now I’m not referring to those late night hoagie cravings I give into, but bigger, more macro size goals.

Talk to that one person who can change your life forever. Quit the job you know is leading you down a path you don’t truly want to g0. Start making the moves and learn the skills you need to live the life you want.

I am trying to resist the urge to use the old adage, the secret is to “do it”, so let me give you some examples. When I was 16 years old I had been playing baseball for the majority of my life- around 12 years. I wasn’t enjoying it like I had, so, I quit- after the year had finished of course (there’s one golden nugget- finish what you start). Fast forward 2 years, time to choose a college. Sure, I had gotten into “prestigious” UC and private schools- but every time I went to visit them they didn’t feel right. So I went with the state school that made me feel like I was at home the instant I stepped foot on campus.

3 years later, I decided I wanted to go on a road trip encompassing the entire United States. I wanted to travel, but always wanted to feel like I knew my own country better before I branched out. Everyone thought I was bullshitting. Even when I bought a camper shell and made a carpet kit in the back they had doubts. Friends, family, even my mechanic thought I would get killed, arrested, or my car would break down. 9,000 miles later I had the time of my life and cemented one of the best friendships I’ve ever had.

Here I am again, at a crossroad. A year into a career I was once excited about, but now see cracks in. Ditching corporate isn’t just about employment, its about ditching the lifestyle. Being your own boss, your own leader, living your own life. Together we will learn to become financially intelligent- giving us the capacity to make those risky moves. We will learn how to strategize your life to make the most of every choice you do or don’t make. We will learn to love the fruits of our labor, because we will understand what it took to grow them.

Most importantly we will learn to live our own lives.

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